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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Meadowhall and Internet Haul

I may have gone a little crazy this week. After what feels like a massive draught I hit the shops and the internet like a crazy woman!

My first indulgence was a pair of calf high Dr Martens and I'm actually surprised at just how excited I got about this particular purchase. This may, in part, have something to do with the mini reunion at a friends house the week before, where I sat with a few people that I adore but have only seen a handful of times since I left school just over 10 years ago. (Guess life gets in the way!).

One of the things that came up in conversation (daft as it may sound) was Dr Marten shoes and how they were so 'cool' when we were at school and how they seem to be 'back in' at the moment. So, of course, when I spotted these in Schu I was compelled to buy them!

My second purchase was a cute 'Alice in wonderland' locket from the Disney couture
collection. (I'm still waiting for this as messed up my order!)

Then at the weekend I spotted this in Debenhams in Meadowhall and was absolutely hooked.

Palette £28

The packaging is so cute and the colours (most of them) seem very wearable. I might find I have a few problems with my sister with this as she has spotted it and that generally means it will be disappearing when my back is turned!

Think I may have to spend some time on You Tube looking for some inspiration and tips on how to use the more extravagant colours so they don't go to waste.

My last indulgence, last but not least, was some goodies from Hollister. I have to say that I was surprised when I came across this store in Meadowhall as I wasn't aware that this company had outlets in the UK.

They say sounds and smells can transport you back to a certain time or place and the minute I walked in to this store it was like being back in the Abercrombie and Fitch store on 5th Avenue in New York (good times).

Tshirt £20, Flip Flops £14

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