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Thursday, 24 June 2010

June's Ins and Outs


Tv series that I've recently discovered, in particlular Castle and Lie To Me.
I could quite hapily watch either of these all day at the moment

Sunbathing. Yep, its that time of year again when I become a complete sun worshiper!

Books. Kind of comes hand in hand with the sunbathing thing and it seems that they have to be crime novels at the moment.

Christian Dior Diorshow mascara. One of the few mascaras that I've been able to wear all day everyday for a long time!


Last series of 'The Hills'. Although Kristin Cavallari is growing on me she is still no LC!

Skincare products that, in this weather, seem to either dry out my skin or make me oily.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lipgloss Queen

Are you like me? Do you find that when you look through your lip gloss collection (painful as that may be considering the money it represents) it becomes apparent that the majority of them are pretty much the same shade?

I made this discovery about myself recently. I was looking to follow lollipop26's lip gloss ban in order to use up some of the vast collection that I already have. (well we are in the middle of a recession so it makes sense, right?)

When looking through this vast collection, it became very clear that when it comes to lip gloss, I fall into two very distinct camps. Peachy Nude or Baby Pink.

So, I thought, why not pitch these many different brands but extremely similar colours against one another and see who comes out on top. This way when I do get around to purchasing another one I will know which counter to head to.

If you are interested keep reading for my results!

The contenders for this round are as follows:

In the Peach Nude corner we have
Mac lipglass in Prrr
Nars lipgloss in Orgasm
Benefit lipgloss in Life on the A list

In the Baby Pink corner we have
Chanel Cristalle gloss in N0 13
Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silktouch Lipgloss in 06 Candy (bit of a mouth full!)

I will be comparing the following aspects: packaging, smell, how long the product lasted, if it made my lips dry out and last but not least, would I buy it again?

Lets get started!

Mac lipglass in Prrr - The packaging is fairly basic but still quite sleek. The applicator is fairly standard. It has a slight 'fudge' smell to it but its not over powering. The product applied well (it is fairly runny in consistency) and gave a nice, very shinny colour. It was a little sticky but did last a fairly long time (may have been due to no eating or drinking taking place during the test). I found that it was a little drying on the lips.

Nars lipgloss in Orgasm - As with the Mac lipglass, the packaging is fairly basic but still quite sleek and the applicator is fairly standard. It had no real smell or taste to it. The product was not particularly sticky and out of all the lip glosses tested had the most pigmented colour.

Benefit lipgloss in Life on the A list - The packaging on the Benefit lip gloss was super cute with a slightly different but still very effective (even though it is a little bendy) applicator. The product smelt (and tasted!) nice. However, if you are someone who is against fragrant products, this one is definitely not for you! The product is a little sticky when first applied but this didn't seem to last and it gave a nice hint of colour.

Chanel Cristalle gloss in N0 13 - The packaging on this lip gloss is basic but cute at the same time. Once again, the applicator is nothing particularly innovative. There is no real smell and the product isn't sticky but it does feel a little like it is going to slide off your lips and end up all over your face! The colour itself is very pretty, multi-faceted with a wet look finish.

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silktouch Lip gloss in 06 Candy - Apart from having the worlds longest name for a lip gloss the packaging, much like the Mac and Nars products, is unremarkable. Unlike the other two just mentioned, this product feels very plastic. It has a slight smell and taste to it but as of yet I have been unable to determine what it is. The colour itself is a pretty good dupe for the Chanel lip gloss and is obviously much cheaper.

In conclusion, If I were to purchase any of these products again I would probably choose the Mac Lipglass and the Benefit lip gloss. I think that the Mac product provided the best colour and durability and that the Benefit product came out best for appearance (and which girl doesn't want to pull something this cute out of her purse!)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Days Out: Warwick Castle

I hadn't been to Warwick Castle since I was a child so, when it was mentioned as an option for light Bank Holiday Monday entertainment, I jumped at the chance to go.

Walking through the gates of the castle is like stepping back in time. There was jousting and knights a plently!

The only way the day could have been any better was if I'd have had a small child to take with me to the 'Princess tower' so I would have looked less conspicuous in the long queue!