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Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy 'Fake' Birthday to me!!!

Tomorrow is officially my 'fake' birthday. Hopefully this one will be better than the real one last weekend that was a complete disaster.

Why? you ask....because I was still jet lagged and then when I actually felt a bit better I ended up in a hospital waiting room for 3 hours with my sister so that she could see a doctor! (seem to have a thing about hospitals at the mo!)

Its a good job that I don't place much stock in birthdays as I've yet to have one that I can honestly say was amazing!!

It wasn't a complete right off though and hopefully this 'fake' one tomorrow will be much more enjoyable. (This time around it comes with Cake!)

Thought that i would, however, share one of the few positives to emerge from my actual birthday....yep, you guessed it....the presents!!!!!!!

My sister treated my to this beautiful little Radley bag (see pic) which is soooo cute that i am ashamed to confess that I did omit a squeal of delight when i opened it!

Another present of note was the Wii Resorts game i received from my wonderful parents....i suspect that this will lead to many hours of me getting my bum kicked by my sister and her very competitive beloved!

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