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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Christmas and New Year

I was lucky enough to be able to go away for Christmas and New Year again this year.

Hurghada was our destination of choice and i have to say it was paradise on earth.

The weather was wonderful and the resort was absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it!!

I think i preferred hurghada to sharm, but that may just have been to do with the resort?

Went a little crazy in Duty Free but if you can't treat yourself on Christmas day when can you?!! lol.


  1. Oh your soo lucky to get away to somewhere hot over the xmas period I cant stand the cold & cant wait for summer to arrive, I love Eygpt Ive been a few times it definitely gets the thumbs up from me, thanks for following my blog btw i hope you enjoy & look forward to reading your comments xoxo

  2. yes i am. v lucky.

    i can't stand the cold either...bring on the good weather!!!

    will definately look forward to reading any comments left.

    feel free to add me to your follow list.
    hopefully my blog will get better as i get the hang of it! lol