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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Disobedient, annoying skin!

So for the majorityof my life I have suffered with oily combination skin that was prone to break outs and now I'm being told it is dry and sensitive?

How is this possible?!

I know it is true (although I must admit I thought that the overly made up lady at the makeup counter was having me on) as the new moisturiser I have purchased seems to be working wonders.

This new moisturiser, Lancome's Hydra Zen Neurocalm one I wouldn't have dreamed of using on my previous skin type.

My 'mini review'

Smells wonderful.
Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
Packaging - although it is cute, my personal preference will always be for moisturisers with pump dispensers as I feel this is a bit more hygienic.
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