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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Topshop Makeup - A massive fail?

Has anyone else had any problems with Topshop's makeup range?

On Saturday I purchased 2 of their cream eye shadows and an eye liner.

When I came to try them at home, the cream eye shadows were awful.

'Heavy Metal', which, on my hand looked like a dupe for Laura Mercier's 'Alloy' cream eye shadow, was a glittery mess with no real pigmentation.

'Darkness' gunked up and did not apply evenly.

The best product out of this particular haul was the the gel eye liner in 'Steely' which is a pretty blue.

I'm absolutely gutted as I really wanted to like this range. After all, the prices are reasonable and the packaging is kind of cute!

I would be interested to know if anyone else has encountered these problems or if its me doing something wrong?


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  2. I tried the eyeshadows too and in the shop they seemed amazing, but when I got them home - NOTHING! No matter how much I built it up - how bizarre!
    I do love their lip products and blush though - but steer clear of their tinted moisturisor, it smells like make-up did about 20yrs ago, e.g. really fake and almost like talcum powder and is oily as hell! x

  3. Ai that sucks! Glad I don't have any topshop make up =)