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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The women who influence my style.

I've been thinking a lot just recently (mainly whilst lying in the garden in the glorious sunshine!)about the people who have, and still do, influence my wardrobe, hair and makeup choices. My 'Style Crushes' as it were.

Obviously there will always be the obligatory mention of my mother and sister at this point as their presence is always constant in my life.

But what of celebrities and other people?

I must a admit I'm terrible for following people around shops then approaching them to ask where the item that has caught my attention is from, but mainly my 'style crushes' these days are celebrities and who can blame me when you can't walk into a shop without seeing one of them looking glam, advertising the latest 'must have' item.

So, after much thought, (what else is there to do whilst sunbathing?) i came to the following list of people who influence my hairstyle, makeup and fashion choices:

Cheryl Cole

Jennifer Aniston

Emily Deschanel

Lauren Conrad

last but not least my most recent style crush is Stana Katic

I'd love to know who other people look to for their inspiration!

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