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Monday, 19 April 2010

So I finally got around to ordering from this website after months of resisting the temptation of all its designer goodies.

I have to say the overall process was fairly painless (except that is for the payment part!).

I had a discount code that gave me £50 off my first order if I spent over £150, which, if you have seen all the wonderful stuff on this website, is not hard to do!

This is what I ordered.

Not only am I over the moon with my purchases, but I'm really impressed with this website.

I ordered my goods on Thursday and, after paying only a little more, they arrived on Friday. I elected to have the deluxe packaging (for no extra cost) which was really cute. I sometimes think that it is these little daft extras that make all the difference.
I also found the customer service to be extremely friendly and helpful as when my goods first arrived I wasn't sure about keeping one of the pairs of shoes. With a bit more consideration I decided that i would keep both pairs, but the response to my emails was quick and I believe that had I actually returned any of the items the refund would have been issued just as quickly.

This was a very stark contrast to the disaster I had with!!
I would definitely recommend this website and will hopefully be using it again soon....may have to wait until next time I get paid though!!! lol


  1. oooo LOVE them both huni ... are the Vivienne westwood?


  2. Thanks chick. Yes they are.

    I love them both but I think I will probably end up getting more use out of the flats