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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow days and makeup.

So on days like these when the desire to hide under the duvet is extra powerful, makeup suddenly becomes way down on my list of priorities.

It's at these times that i tend to rely on my trusty lip balm and mascara to see me through the day.

At the moment these are my summer fruits EOS egg shaped lip balm and my Diorshow black mascara.

I cannot say enough good things about these products.The lip balm (once you have gotten past the cute packaging) is possibly one of the best lip balms i have ever used.

It glides on effortlessly and stays for ages. It tastes as nice as it smells and is not drying on the lips. I've also found that it makes a great lipstick primer.

The Dior mascara has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It is one of the very few that i have encountered that i do not have a reaction to. (trust me, it is not funny when your eyes feel so tired you could cry 30 minutes after you've put your mascara on!) i find that it defines and separates really well and is not too clumpy.

Now, if I can just find something to sort out my hair.......

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  1. To sort out your hair? Easy...a huge hat :)

    There's a giveaway going on on my blog and I would love to invite you to join it. Good luck if you decide to participate! :)